About Our Salons

A Note about our Salons:

We have proudly moved to a digital format – meetings are LIVE at 7pm (ET) and available nationwide: three authors and our moderators are streamed directly to YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook where anyone can watch the magic happen!

There is a playback available on YouTube.com/penparentis around a week after each event. Follow @PenParentis on Social Media to be alerted when that is live. Or subscribe to the YouTube channel and let technology bring our Salons to you!

Audience questions can be submitted during the event itself if you are logged on to your Facebook or YouTube account. On Linked In, we see the comments but not who the speaker is, so feel free to comment anonymously or identify yourself in the comment to let us know who you are. Great comments are pulled up onscreen for a live-audience experience in real time, without the bother of being on video (or of going outside!). You can also email questions in advance to [email protected] with the subject “Salon Question.”

While there is a $10 suggested donation per attendee (which is tax-deductible and sustains our programs), Friends and Title Members of Pen Parentis and writers in financial crisis are always free. Donations are used to give honoraria to the featured writers so please be generous, and if you have the means, please buy your tax-deductible ticket for “THE FRONT ROW”!

Reminder: All Salons live forever on our YouTube channel for your at-leisure viewing or reviewing! Subscribe to the channel for notifications.

You can get each featured author’s latest books and explore their other works through this Bookshop link – just look for the “shelf” that corresponds to this month’s salon. If you purchase it, the book will come from an independent brick-and-mortar bookstore in YOUR area, will help the author, and will also generate a small donation to our nonprofit. Win-win-win!