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The winning story

Taylor’s winning story was both intense and gorgeous: about family responsibly and youthful rebellion. Featured in issue 16 of Dreamers Magazine as the winner of the 2023-2024 Pen Parentis Fellowship! Taylor Hobbs' "Contingency Daughter" will be live as of May 16, 2024 on 

Author's Bio

Taylor Hobbs started writing ten years ago out of necessity. With a husband in the Marine Corps, adventure took her everywhere from military bases in California to a liveaboard sailboat named STORY TIME in North Carolina before ultimately heading back to the PNW. She got used to traveling light, but she could take this piece of her identity anywhere. Along the way, she created two kids (now three and five) and seven book babies. Two of her novels—Cloaked (2018) and Sonder Village (2019)—were traditionally published by The Wild Rose Press, but Contingency Daughter is her first short story. While recovering from her absolute shock at becoming the 2024 Pen Parentis Writing Fellow, Taylor is working on expanding the story into a YA novel titled What I Would Do for You and is seeking agent representation.

A firm believer in the idea that writers need other writers, she encourages you to reach out via her website She also blogs about impostor syndrome, works in progress, creative motherhood, and at one point, boats, at