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Accountability Meetups For Members

Join our hugely successful Pen Parentis Member ACCOUNTABILITY MEETUPS and get writing!

**FREE for sustaining Title Members of Pen Parentis**

Not a title member yet? We have a range of levels to suit all budgets, starting from $10 a month!

(Drop-in fee for Basic Members and nonmembers (you still have to be a parent): $10 donation per session, payable in a $120 lump sum for 12 weeks of sessions.)

Join our hugely successful ACCOUNTABILITY MEETUPS and get writing!
**FREE for sustaining Title Members of Pen Parentis**

Not a title member yet? Join HERE – we have a range of levels to suit all budgets, starting from $10 a month!

(Drop in fee for Basic Members and nonmembers (you still have to be a parent):  $10 donation per session, payable in $120 lump sum for 12 weeks of sessions.)

Sunday Nights Eastern 8pm online Joline Scott Roller This NEW time is run by Joline Scott Roller, an editor on Mom Egg Review and a writing teacher based in Ohio. She’s a single mom doing it all! This group actively seeks new members! Places Available
Monday Evenings Pacific 8pm online Kathleen Lawton-Trask The marvelous Kathleen Lawton-Trask runs a creative writing group in West Hollywood. She holds an MFA from Columbia and is perfect to start a brand-new cohort on Pacific time! Of course you are welcome to join from any time zone! Great one for the night owls who want to work after the babes go to bed! Places Available
Tuesday Mornings Eastern 10am online M. M. De Voe Currently all women but open to others, several prize winning writers are on this zoom Ask for Wait List
Tuesday Evenings Central 8.30pm online David Messmer This excellent meetup is run by David Messmer who teaches creative writing at Rice University in Houston! So far we have seen a publication in a Mystery Magazine (well paid!) and a big literary prize!! Everyone has moved ahead on their projects. Jump on this meetup if you are available evenings and want to start your week writing! Sometimes followed by an optional silent-write-in. Ask for Wait List
Wednesday Afternoons Eastern 2pm online Marcia LeBeau Marcia LeBeau (a fabulous artist/poet and runs a gorgeous writing center in NJ called The Write Space) - hosts a warm and supportive weekly online meetup at 2pm Eastern on Wednesday afternoons!! Marcia is also collecting names of new members for IN-PERSON meetup if you live near Maplewood/Orange NJ. (time/date TBA) Ask for Waitlist
Thursday Mornings Eastern 10am IN PERSON; LOWER MANHATTAN Sarah Farivar Hayes In Person! In Lower Manhattan close to PATH and all WTC/Fulton Street Subways (run by Neurobiologist & Literary Fiction Writer, Sarah Farivar Hayes) Places Available
Thursday Mornings Pacific 11am online Laura Wheatman Hill Led by the lovely Laura Wheatman Hill who has taught many writing classes and is thrilled to represent us on the West Coast. (it’s at 2pm Eastern, in case you hate math) This new group has already distinguished itself - every single member of this small meetup has published since they first started! Ask for Waitlist
Friday Mornings Eastern 11am IN PERSON; QUEENS Richard Jeffrey Newman This meetup is on hold. Let us know if you would like to be on a waiting list. Coming Back Soon!
Friday Mornings Eastern 10am online M. M. De Voe Running since 2018—our longest running group Places Avaliable
Weekday EARLY mornings Eastern 6:00am or earlier! online Brett Megan Griffiths We are gathering names for this "ridiculously early" meetup and will schedule it on a weekday morning at the group's collective convenience - do you write before everyone gets up? this could be for you! Brett has a PhD and teaches literature and creative writing in Michigan. She's wry and hilarious and a real pro. She knows what it means to be overextended and still writing! Express your interest!
TBA TBA online TBA WRITING RACE was a 12 week program that was a huge success and we would like to run this specialized meetup again (though Crystal Herrera-Periera is currently earning a degree and has a newborn and a 6yr old and can not run it at the moment) We envisioned a safe space where writers of this incendiary and important topic can share resources and be incentivized to finish and publish the vital work they are doing. This is an accountability group not a writing workshop. Participants will be asked to sign a community agreement. You do not have to be writing nonfiction: any writer whose work addresses a group that they feel might need a sensitivity reader or who is addressing an aspect of race that is potentially incendiary is welcome to enter this gentle space. We are taking names for a new cohort that will begin this Fall. Email your interest using our contact-us form. Coming Back Soon! (if you have the background to lead this Team, please contact us!)

Participants welcome from anywhere – WATCH FOR TIME ZONE! These are fully interactive, community-building zoom and we keep them intimate so you’ll really get to know your cohort. Regular attendance is requested, 12 weeks commitment at a time.   You MUST be a parent (of any age kid) and you must commit to a writing project (beginning stages is fine, any genre including novels, plays, musicals, poetry, collections, stories, memoir, Thesis, children’s books, journalism–anything that is a writing project).   This is not a workshop: this is a proven method to move forward to finish whatever writing project you are passionately pursuing.  All meetups last one hour.

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