Past Fellows

A woman with blue eyes and dark hair.

Abby Sher

Writing Fellow 2010-2011
A man with a beard and mustache is smiling.

Frank Haberle

Writing Fellow 2011-2012
A black and white photo of a woman with short hair.

Sarah Gerkensmeyer

Writing Fellow 2012-2013
A man with glasses and a black jacket

John Jodzio

Writing Fellow 2013-2014
A woman with long hair and a blue shirt is smiling.

Jess deCourcy Hinds

Writing Fellow 2014-2015
A woman wearing glasses and smiling for the camera.

Orli Van Mourik

Writing Fellow 2015-2016
A woman with long hair smiles for the camera.

Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan

Writing Fellow 2016-2017
A woman with brown hair and bangs is smiling.

Megan Pillow Davis

Writing Fellow 2017-2018
A woman with green eyes smiling for the camera.

Jennifer Fliss

Writing Fellow 2018-2019

Anjali Vaidya

Writing Fellow 2019-2020

Dawn Ryan

Writing Fellow 2020-2021
A woman with glasses sitting in front of some bushes

Kelle Schillaci Clarke

Writing Fellow 2021-2022
A woman standing in front of a wall with green leaves.

Sarah Courteau

Writing Fellow 2022-2023