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We Want To Help

Promoting your side-gig and more! We know this time is impossible (because we are also under lockdown) – and we wanted to help.

  1. our weekly accountability meetups are now ONLINE and everyone can join. Now more than ever we need to be held accountable to our own writing goals. If there are too many participants in any one meetup, we will just start a new meetup. (They are free if you become a sustaining Title Member) If you can’t afford $10, please like us on Facebook and join our online discussions at Pen Parentis Behind Closed Doors, a secret group with a Friday noon check in–just answer a couple easy questions to be allowed in! Here are your options for 10 accountability groups â€“ notice the various time zones!
  2. we are assembling a list of FOR HIRE services â€“ any writer with kids who needs work and has an editing gig or a teaching gig or is a book doctor or coach is invited to send us a link to your website as well as your top two genres (what are you good at? Poetry? sci-fi? literary realism? essays? transgender sensitivity? epic novel structure? what??) and we will post you on our new FOR HIRE section. Just use the contact-us form on this site to let us know you want to be added.
  3. we ALSO just launched a writer-parent discussion forum that is NOT video just text – since many of you have reported you don’t feel comfortable chatting on Facebook but still prefer typing to talking on video, we put up a forum section on a Wix website where you can message other writer-parents about anything writing or Covid-outbreak, or working from home with kids at home or just anything. HERE IS THE LINK.
  4. our fellowship is currently closed — congratulations to all who submitted. (You could be awarded $1000 and a year of mentorship!) â€“ Word count was VERY small this year to make sure everyone could write something new. If you missed the window but did finish a story, consider submitting it to a Flash Fiction journal (google Flash Fiction, there are several that pay!) APPLICATIONS REOPEN MARCH 1, 2021!
  5. JUST ADDED: M. M. De Voe hosted a one hour talkback with Dr. Michelle Tichy, an educational psychologist with expertise in social justice and the developmental and social psychology of the child – she is an expert on working parents homeschooling their kids, and can answer your questions about remote learning and how to balance the increased needs of quarantined kids with your creative career. VIEW THE VIDEO.

STAY SAFE & BE WELL – during this emotional and delicate time, write creatively only as you can. It is very hard to sit down to write during this time, but all of our members who have managed some time for their creativity have felt the improvement in their mental health. Staying sane is as important as staying physically healthy – so do what you must to keep yourself well. Write less. Write more. But don’t forget that under all this quarantine duty, you’re still a writer.